Nyos is an multidirectional space shooter game with addictive gameplay developed by Marmphco
Nyos has been developed by Marmphco & Matthew Jee
Jump in your spaceship and start kicking some alien ass! Blast your way through 12 challenging levels using your outstanding arsenal. Don't forget to collect the coins and use them to purchase better weapons and upgrades.
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Game Reviews

Someone beat my score of 125,735 please
This game should be front-paged! I'm totally addicted to the gameplay!
Really enjoyed the game, 5/5 imo. Oh and JohnAndrew07, Challenge accepted and completed ;)
This was awful. I have a very fast computer, and the lag on this game made it virtually impossible to play it.
Good game. I played this game for about give hours
almost to beat the score...
i wont get ******
Great game. A shame that it didn't save my progress. Gave the game 5 stars, changing it to 2 stars
plaes someone tell me how to set a game online on gameshed