Game Reviews

if you go easy, normal, and hard in one stage you get more points also on hard you cant put ace on a king that's just normal and easy
LV 9spar172(5 years ago)
-- 929GW, we dont care . lol -.-
LV 6ezciie(5 years ago)
good game
LV 3sweetypie1233(5 years ago)
everyone beated me
LV 3sweetypie1233(5 years ago)
easier than regular solitaire
LV 716ettersand6number(5 years ago)
send this on 5 game comments and then log off and then log on and press f5 and you will have 1000 points
LV 1DEPRESSED(5 years ago)
hey i am the first to comment this is a hard game
LV 9taissa(5 years ago)