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Game Reviews

one word can describe this game AWESOME!!!!!!!
LV 14jprv47(4 years ago)
awesome game i love the fact you can kill slendy insted of him killing you even though he still can oh yeah one more thing i find it funny that he runs like a douch
LV 1dave12345(4 years ago)
I was playing and I got surrounded by 2 slendermans and I got b!tc# slapped by on of them 10/10
LV 1SilentFelix(4 years ago)
only once got two pages and felt kinda safe while playing a slender game
LV 1manns200(4 years ago)
I can't find the damn pages!
LV 1Smilefreakk(4 years ago)
this game is the best =]]
LV 5koscielny00(4 years ago)
it looks like a good game but like homelessguyincorner said the point of slender man is that he doesnt kill you you run from him and try to stay alive like ik you die sometimes and now you get payback like there you go but everybody is misssing the point not to hate just saying hope you guys liked it im trying it right now lets have fun:)
LV 1buster2227(4 years ago)
For those who dont know how to pick up the notes push e When its reads a message from Slenderman otherwise the Blank pages dont count
LV 4Nightshade(4 years ago)
is it just me or is there a janitor vacumming next door?
LV 2sparklingscarf(4 years ago)
yo this is like the best game ever especially when you kill slender im a real big fan and hes really epic p.s. i played this in the night and i was fuqing scared too go to sleep but thnxs gave 5 stars
LV 1bangaRANG101(4 years ago)