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Game Reviews

'like' this for Pewdie to play :3
I liked this game because it isn't just some stupid Slender Clone, this is actually a genuine well made Slender game and I liked it.
Wait whose watching me! Ahhhh man, I can't even go to toilet
I've not played it yet but im waiting for someone to play multiplayer cause it looks epic so if ya wanna play just say :)
Oh gawd this is cray cray! I can't even walk for 1 minute with out looking back!
This game is really f**ing scary lol
i barlary played it but i got jumpscared
my multiplayer game's name will be steve if anyone wants to join
multiplayer anyone
it's not that bad ;)
The best online slender game ever! The fact that you can play with your mates is awesome!
haduuhh -_- kagetnya gak nanggung-nanggung!!!!
It isn't scary, it is just filled with suspense. I still give it 4 star because it does make me jumped on my seat.
i don't know what i was expecting exactly, but this game delivered at least half of those expectations. it was pretty good. :D