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SCP Containment Breach is a free survival horror game written in Blitz3D developed by Joonas Rikkonen and playable on GameShed.comSCP Containment Breachscary horror escapeby Joonas Rikkonen - Free survival horror game based on the stories of the SCP Foundati...14.83
Slendytubbies 2 is a the second part of the popular slendytubbies developed by Sean Toman and playable on GameShed.comSlendytubbies 2scary multiplayer 3dby Sean Toman - Slendytubbies is back and more horrifying than before! Slendytubbies II...14.73
Eyes is a 3d first person horror game developed by Paulina Pabis and playable on GameShed.comEyesscary horror ghostby Paulina Pabis - A first person perspective horror game inspired from the popular hor...14.68
Dungeon Nightmares is a 3d horror game featuring intense atmosphere and randomized dungeons. The game is inspired from the S developed by K Monkey and playable on GameShed.comDungeon Nightmaresscary creepy horrorby K Monkey - Find a way to survive in this God Forsaken Place! The dungeons are filled...14.66
7 Days is a an 3d horror adventure game free to download. The game is windows compatible and features great atmo developed by Adriano Tumminelli & Gianmarco Terenzi and playable on GameShed.com7 Daysscary escape 3dby Adriano Tumminelli - An astonishing horror game featuring great gameplay, Minecraft ...14.65
Haunt: The Real Slender is a independed adventure/horror game project inspired by Parsec Productions Slender: The Eight Pages developed by ParanormalDev Team and playable on GameShed.comHaunt: The Real Slenderscary adventureby ParanormalDev Team - What would you do if you woke up in a place you have never seen...14.65
Slenderman Must Die: Chapter 2 is a slenderman game inspired from dead space developed by Poison Games and playable on GameShed.comSlenderman Must Die: Chapter 2 scary creepy horrorby Poison Games - The year 24966. Your spaceship ran out of energy, You had to dock on ...14.62
Slendytubbies is a a remake of the popular 3d horror game, Slenderman developed by Sean Toman and playable on GameShed.comSlendytubbiesscary 3d escape fpsby Sean Toman - Slendytubbies is a re-make of the popular indie game Slender. The objec...14.62
Black Rose is a 3d horror game inspired from the popular Slenderman game series developed by Jacob Ryle and playable on GameShed.comBlack Rosescary ghost horrorby Jacob Ryle - You assume the role of Linda, an average girl who heard rumors about an...14.53
SlenderSpace is a a combination between two highly recommend scary video games, Slender-man and Dead Space developed by Ricky Murray and playable on GameShed.comSlenderSpacescary 3d horrorby Ricky Murray - SlenderSpace is a combination between two of the most scariest video ...14.49
Slender Flashlight is a one of the best slenderman game out there developed by Triggered Games and playable on GameShed.comSlender Flashlightscary horror windowsby Triggered Games - An highly recommended Slender game with great atmosphere and gamep...14.40
Run Into The Dark is a free first person survival horror game developed by 2Quarter Studios and playable on GameShed.comRun Into The Darkscary escape horrorby 2Quarter Studios - Run Into The Dark is a first person, survival horror game. The s...14.37
Slenderman Must Die: Chapter 1 is a 3d horror slenderman game with a twist developed by Poison Games and playable on GameShed.comSlenderman Must Die: Chapter 1 scary creepy horrorby Poison Games - You are sick and tired of all the stories you have listen about Slend...14.35
Hide And Seek is a scary hide and seek online game with a killer doll developed by fei835 and playable on GameShed.comHide And Seekscary escape 3dby fei835 - Find a way to escape the killer doll. Explore the house in search for the l...14.28
Bunny Man: Lost Souls is a indie first person horror game developed by Leonardo César Veloso and playable on GameShed.comBunny Man: Lost Soulsscary creepy windowsby Leonardo César Veloso - It's all true. The bogeyman is real and he is on the loose!...14.25
Midnight Man is a creepy 3d house escape game developed by Sean Toman and playable on GameShed.comMidnight Manscary 3d horrorby Sean Toman - Avoid the Midnight Man at all costs. You may move through your house to...14.22
Dark Corners is a scary 3d maze explorer game with creepy atmosphere inspired from the popular horror game Amnesia Dar developed by Wrymn and playable on GameShed.comDark Cornersscary horror 3d mazeby Wrymn - An 3d maze escape game inspired from Amnesia Dark Corners of the Earth, one ...14.18
Anonymous Messages is a first person horror escape game developed by Danar D. Kafyi, Mohammed M. Al-Dmour & Anmar M. Al-Obaidi and playable on GameShed.comAnonymous Messagesscary escape horrorby Danar D. Kafyi - Explore the haunted forest in search for the lost tape recorders. T...14.18