Pucca Jam

Pucca Jam, a freeware game developed by
Press the correct letter on your keyboard when Pucca or Garu are over the blossom icon. The closer to the beat you are the more points you get!
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Game Reviews

at the last level, I get stuck and cant move, its after the song ends for the puca jam song. Anyone else have the prob, btw, its whenever i play puca. ill try garu... dosent work!!! >.<
LV 5cutiegirl111(9 years ago)
AAHHHH .... it's difficult... you really have to use your damn skills...
LV 1(6 years ago)
LV 1(10 years ago)
I love Pucca!
LV 1(9 years ago)
i love pucca 2
LV 1(9 years ago)
It's up to you if you like it but i dont that much so bye the way hi.
LV 5m4tr1x1000(9 years ago)
i love pucca aswell one thing when i went on u decide nothin happened
LV 1(9 years ago)
hey guys u know that bruce lee character abio? gawd he is f ing funny always rips his shirt off!
LV 4TealDragon97(8 years ago)
just wat we need another pucca game but she is still just the cutest little thing
LV 1(7 years ago)
pucca jam song is cute and the other garu songs are cool too. but pucca why garu is ugly and he hates you?
LV 7willywonka639(7 years ago)