Game Reviews

This is a nice game.But it will be awesome if it had badges.
LV 2PerfectGirl(3 years ago)
Awesome game and I wish if this game had badges
LV 8MadSaveges1000(3 years ago)
What the hell! who gave sweetamina -1, her comment is nice. So I will give her 1+
LV 8MadSaveges1000(3 years ago)
Thank you MADSAVAGES1000.I gave your comment a +1 too.Have a nice day!
LV 2PerfectGirl(3 years ago)
This game is the BOMB!!
LV 1PixieChick(1 year ago)
This is an amazing game.But it NEEDS BADGES! Can you plz publish some badges
LV 1TheFire(3 months ago)
Thanks sweetamina,sorry I mean inyourdreams and what a nice name. So people remember give all your friends1+, if they are unknown or not unknown just always give 1+ and inyourdreams around your sight I will always give 1+
LV 8MadSaveges1000(3 years ago)
fun and addicting. I like it;
LV 4roseflame19(3 years ago)
This is a fun-ish game to play; it can get quite boring after a while. This game would be better if it had badges.
LV 4xliffordsprinxess(3 years ago)