Impossible Horse

Impossible Horse is an hardcore sidescrolling racing game with horses developed by Paul Stevens
Impossible Horse has been developed by Paul Stevens
A challenging multitasking sidescrolling game to test your skills. Use the arrow keys to control both horses and run your way to victory.
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Game Reviews

all i was able to make was 62. :/ I can imagine Markiplier trying to play this
LV 8jordanbeckham(3 years ago)
Omg I'm so noob in to this game.. best score 35.. But I don't know why I laugh for that music and that horse..! ^-^ I think I'm drunk at night? :D
LV 4Papupata3(3 years ago)
Hard as hell all i can say but overall decent game
LV 7johnkale(3 years ago)
It gets easier as it goes, but so far, I am terrible at it. xD
LV 8SouthSideSuicide(3 years ago)
highscore is 36
LV 12nightsblood(1 year ago)
First 2 Comment. :D
LV 5Minecraftoreo(3 years ago)
2nd comment :)
LV 9Bloodystrawberry(3 years ago)
High Score for 1 game: 28 ALL TIME SCORE: 1007/2500. Copy and paste this to THIS game only with YOUR scores and we'll see how much better you did than me.
LV 5Minecraftoreo(3 years ago)