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How you make this thing dance no wonder i got carried away looking at something else JEEZ
LV 1Intrepidllama(6 months ago)
Lame and hard :D
LV 9PenguinOnDope(7 years ago)
LV 8boogeymangirl(7 years ago)
LV 4innocent(7 years ago)
4th person
LV 11marlonza213(7 years ago)
add me
LV 9checo(7 years ago)
LV 6RICO16(7 years ago)
this game has no meaning and its not funny i thought it would be funny because lincoln was going to dance but it look like hes running but not going no where.
LV 5thegothside(7 years ago)
i hate this game
LV 4realgameplay(7 years ago)
gay game dont ever wanna play it again
LV 1katiegurl(7 years ago)