Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is an Flappy Bird online developed by Maxblive
Flappy Bird has been developed by Maxblive
Fly through the pipes and see how far you can get! Use SPACEBAR to control the birdie.
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Game Reviews

So the devil has found his way back into my life
Why is this so hard!...that's what she said :D
This Game,,,Wants To Ruin Us All,,,
i will take a while 2 master this game. It took me 2 hours just 2 get past 1!!!!
It Doesn't want to submit my SCORE!?
This game is going to make me go absolutely crazy.
Love this game! It's so addicting to me.
This Game Is Cursed With Evil Seal On It !
daym, it's too difficult to control the bird. :S
this game why cant i claim my score!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DX
why is this so difficult...???
its not submitting my score....when im clicking on submit it goes blank
I really shouldnt play this at school......it the fourth computer i broke....today
my highest is 1 so hard