Bud, a freeware game developed by OckamRazor
Bud has been developed by OckamRazor
Plant, water and grow plants protecting them from evil lumberjacks. The oxygen that is generated by the planted trees will keep you alive. Use the electrostatic energy in your body to shot a lighting. (Click into the screen after every tutorial)
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Game Reviews

this game is awesome!!! it also teaches u what we are doing to our planet. GO GREEN!!!! SAVE OUR EARTH!!!! ITS THE ONLY ONE WE HAVE!!!!!!
LV 6AddisonLee(7 years ago)
send this on 5 game comments then log off then log on then press f5 and you will have 1000pts
LV 1CLOSED_ACCOUNT(6 years ago)
1st -_-
LV 1CLOSED_ACCOUNT(8 years ago)
this game SUX ... i mean the controls were shit -.- WHHHHYYYYYYYYYYY
LV 4iamthesmartone(8 years ago)
when da crap will gameshed get some games with badges :/
LV 1CLOSED_ACCOUNT(8 years ago)
well said vinnie! Whats the point in running a badge scheme but not having games with badges!
LV 8diablo321(7 years ago)