Steam King

Steam King is an sidescrolling adventure game with knights and cool upgrades developed by Iriy Soft
Steam King has been developed by Iriy Soft
Steam King is a cute physics based side-scrolling game featuring cartoonish graphics, upgrades, power-ups, cool bosses and more. Grab your steam-powered shotgun and let's kick some knight's ass!
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Game Reviews

luv the loading screen. :3
LV 4em17(4 years ago)
This game is pretty funny and i love the fact that they try to entertain you while the game is loading :)
LV 8psyborgrey(4 years ago)
Pewdiepie would love this game
LV 3Jakekelting(4 years ago)
nice, but do not play it when ppl are watching. (anyone who plays this is beast) :)
LV 4Aspyn(4 years ago)
Poor the king
LV 7tuphonga5(3 years ago)
LV 102Tall(3 years ago)
LV 1ConVict(4 years ago)
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LV 1avengedsvenfold72(4 years ago)
Pretty good game, decent enough to play at school, but not at home.
LV 3Spitfire(4 years ago)