Slay with Santa

Slay with Santa is an side-scrolling shooting game with Santa and lots of villains developed by MarshGames
Slay with Santa has been developed by MarshGames, FlashChaz & MDK
Wild monsters have broken into Santa's workshop and eaten all the presents. Mobilize the elf army at once! Wait a minute, we don't have any elf army but we do have Killer Santa! Blast tons of villains and take back those precious gifts!
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Game Reviews

awesome game , but at least you should get extra lives or something like that , or buy new weapons
LV 1RKO_(6 years ago)
funny game
LV 4KABINJE(5 years ago)
Awesome game. Great level up system. But i'd like to see some more level up bonuses, cause it quits rather fast. anyways, great job
LV 8Atsuya01(6 years ago)
Love The Dubstep Though. #BestFeature
LV 1Simply_JustCJ(6 years ago)
pretty good, i saw another version of this though... it ruined my childhood -.-
LV 8Airythne(6 years ago)
Santa, Cows, and Dub? Lets give it a go~
LV 6lalastevans(5 years ago)
This game is soo weird!! XD LOL it made me imagine if santa was really like that!!
LV 3Rinatheroleplayer(5 years ago)
I only get 20+ gifts . I find it hard. The flying monster always kill me -.-.
LV 6ezciie(5 years ago)
so funny game
LV 5azoz(5 years ago)
This game is awesome!
LV 9Mortician(5 years ago)