Unreal Flash 3

Unreal Flash 3, a freeware game developed by Erik Sombroek
Unreal Flash 3 has been developed by Erik Sombroek & Eduardo Mojica
Run, jump, collect weapons, kill your enemies and try survive as long as you can. You can play story mode or choose between four modes Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Instagib and King of the Hill.

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Game Reviews

OMG I can't choose who should I play as I hope this game is good when I play it.
I've beat the game it is cool!! LOL
I would love to show you guys the cheats but it won't let me all well I will try to figure it out later.
The game is good the problem is my computer is slow and it lags sometimes when I kill someone when I get my new computer I will try this game out and see if anything changes.
woohoo awesome! Btw 3rd!
its look like gooood ^_*
dude just calm down. its just a stupid game. no need to get mad.
WOW,lol argument over a game thats a first.
i prefer the unreal flash 2007 version. but cool though.
And crimson chaos(me) strikes again!!
so fcking awesome
this is crazy shit
This game is awessssome!
wow this is gr8!!!!!