Tactical Assassin 3

Tactical Assassin 3, a freeware game developed by Simon Hason
Tactical Assassin 3 has been developed by Simon Hason
Complete various missions that put your sharp shooting skills to the test using various weapons and equipment. Enter store to buy and upgrade your equipment. Press SPACEBAR to zoom. Press "R" KEY to reload, "F" KEY to use pills. Good luck!
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Game Reviews

yeah, awesome game
if u can help tell me how to pass mishin 11
.....Cant I play a damn game where an Immature douche isn't caring about who comments first? Omg... the game wasn't that bad. 3 stars. :D
I agree Mzcaligirl. Freakin' morons.
the is awsome 5 stars
its a good game
this game is amazing great graphics great aiming luv the realistic mode worth playing 5 out of 5
this game suks ass if u want to play somethin goood play deadfroniter.com its way better than this shit
ur not a critic though so ha dont listen to josephrzac this is a great game play it and find out oh and USA USA USA USA USA USA!
bro i dont wanna be mean but this game is shit oh and i love usa
Joesuph where dod you get your avatar????
in avatar just rank up
i played deadfroniter but its boring ,.,. you just kill some idiot zombies,.,.
its a very smooth game it has adapted the old tactical assassin formula and made it better thank you simon this gets a 5 out of five in my book