Quack the Duck

Quack the Duck is an funny shooting game with ducks developed by MightyDucks
Quack the Duck has been developed by MightyDucks
Help our funny looking rubber duck to take a proper bath! Don't let the evil toys nor the boss to end your time bath!

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Game Reviews

i almost beat the boss when my hand slipped and clicked refresh -.-
yay i beat the boss :) then died :P
this game is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
Click on 3 or more of the same blockies to remove them from the playfield. Click and drag bonus items onto the playfield to use them. Frozen blockies can only be removed by using a bonus item.
Finger exercise, non stop clicking... Good game though, needs badges!
this game is cool
Cutest,best,funnest duck game ever.I'm #4 in the top scores category!
f**ck this game iss soo f**cking easy ADD MEH ♥
janeturner my friend beat you he got 600,000
cool, lol now for gold...XD
Awesome #21 :3
another nice game :D
not bad but shuld be better game play..
Cho Chweeeet.........