CommandX is an astonishing top down action shooting game developed by Xx54520
CommandX has been developed by Xx54520
Use your highly specialized commando dude to perform different missions. Make sure you eliminate all your enemies in the process. Use the mouse (double click) to enter or exit an vehicle.
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Game Reviews

AVISH7243 470M -he is best player :P
this game is so much fun. . .! ! ! !
ye a good game like if u like the game
post der like my ish now ty good game
like metal slug it feels
yeah this is sooo my game.check out who has the highest score
look at the month day and week reccoreds i concoured them
this is wat i call asomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this is so A.S.O.M.E
does anyone know how to get in a vehicle what letter it is plus great game
this game is new GTA...
One of the best top down shooting game made in flash ever!
I think it's boring game. I could only bear it 2 levels
good game they should make games like this with badges 4th