Command and Defend

Command and Defend, a freeware game developed by Alex
Command and Defend has been developed by Alexander Zaurin, George Studenkin & Alexey Davido
Protect your military base from from the enemies at all costs. Spend the money earned by killing enemies on weapons and different kind of cannons. Enjoy!
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Game Reviews

fun game, and easy to get gold. different cannons upgrades and guns. kinda nice. 4stars
better than most tsank games
i really like this game 10/10 (:
send this on 5 comments then log off then log in then press f5 u will have 1000 pts
First time I played I lost, but the second time I won. Fun game didn't reach full potential though in the sequel it should be harder with more cannons and you should be able to upgrade the cannons as well as the gun you have. my rating for this game is 4 stars recommended for people who enjoy defense games.
this freaking game dosent work..... how much do i have to wait???
This game bore the s**t out of me. I forfeited after ten thousand points for the sake of my sanity
good good love it but 1 thing need 2 make a story 2 des game be weickedd and 4stars good gam doh
sooo when the good game will show ??
I AM NO.1!!!!YAY!!
i say "bing it on !"
is dis even good??
good game ssp - hq . web . com go here
good game, just that my hands cant take that longer clicking the tanks XD