Shooting Games

Play 'Rescue Tank', a 3d tank defense game developed by Jon Bednez

by Jon Bednez

Use your trustworthy tank to prevent the wolves from reaching your precious farm in this great 3d...
5.00Mozilla Firefox only
Play 'Newton's Law', a gravity based shooting game developed by Andrew McArthur

by Andrew McArthur

Help Newton, some average small cop clear up the Mall from the bad guys. It looks like someone ha...
Play 'Broforce', a run and gun game inspired from the popular game Contra developed by FreeLives

by FreeLives

Join the Broforce, an paramilitary organization dealing exclusively in excessive force and fight ...
4.89Mozilla Firefox only
Play 'Robot Legions', a multidirectional action shooter developed by SentryGames

by SentryGames

Blast through waves of enemies to liberate your home planet. Collect gold and use it to upgrade y...
Play 'Steam King', a sidescrolling adventure game with knights and cool upgrades developed by Iriy Soft

by Iriy Soft

Steam King is a cute physics based side-scrolling game featuring cartoonish graphics, upgrades, p...
Play 'Zombo Buster Rising', a single-screen zombie shooting game with upgrades and challenging levels developed by Steven Aang. This game features badges.

by Steven Aang

Medan, The City of Darkness has been infected with a serious disease which turns humans into zomb...
4.72badges enabled(30)
Play 'War Zomb Avatar', a post apocalyptic action games with zombies and blood developed by BSA Game

by BSA Game

War Zomb Avatar is an excellent base defense shooting game with zombies and tons of blood. The ci...
Play 'Sherlock Holmes: Checkmate', a 3d fast-paced action game developed by Warner Brothers

by Warner Brothers

The famous detective, Sherlock Holmes and his colleague, Dr. Watson must travel through Europe in...
4.67Mozilla Firefox only
Play 'Decision 2: New City', a post-apocalyptic top-down shooter game with zombies and creepy atmosphere developed by FlyAnvil

by FlyAnvil

The action-packed shooter strategy game is back with more challenging missions, more areas to sea...
Play 'Zombocalypse' developed by John Funtanilla

by John Funtanilla

In the year 2012, the world has gone to chaos and zombies roam the streets hungry for blood. Kill...
Play 'Zombotron', a Awesome zombie shooter game with physics developed by Ant Karlov

by Ant Karlov

During the colonization of the planet Zombotron humans built some laboratories to create robots t...
Play 'Awesome Tanks' developed by Alex. This game features badges.

by Alex

Upgrade your tank and cause maximum destruction.
4.64badges enabled(6)
Play 'Jets of War', a 3d action shooting game with planes developed by

Unknown Author

Jump in your favorite military jet plane and perform various missions destroying ships and enemy ...
4.63Mozilla Firefox only
Play 'Thing Thing Arena 3' developed by Diseased Productions. This game features badges.

by Diseased Productions

The objective in Thing Thing Arena is to kill as many enemies as possible and to do so with style...
4.63badges enabled(4)
Play 'Shift Heads Remasterized', a stick figure shooting game developed by Pyrozen

by Pyrozen

Some guy from the Grey Mafia started to sell drugs on one of your territories. Eliminate him and ...
Play 'Stick Squad', a stick shooting game with compelling story-line and upgrades developed by BrutalStudios

by BrutalStudios

Our nuclear missile R-32 has been stolen by Kane Foster, some Australian at the head of 100 merce...
Play 'TDP4 Team Battle', a multiplayer platformer type of game with tons of w developed by JavelinOU

by JavelinOU

Awesome multiplayer shooting game from the guys from JavelinOU Studios. There are 3 types of batt...
Play 'Mutant Alien Assault', a frantic combat arena game with aliens and monsters developed by Chris Suffern

by Chris Suffern

Your spaceship ran out of juice in the wrong place at the wrong time. The aliens found a way to b...