Welcome To The Mansion

Welcome To The Mansion is an creepy top down adventure game with quite a few of good jump scares developed by Jmaster2710
printscreen for Welcome To The Mansion game
printscreen for Welcome To The Mansion game
printscreen for Welcome To The Mansion game
printscreen for Welcome To The Mansion game
The game is about a group of teenagers who all get locked up in the mansion of a serial killer. Help Marc, the main character, and his friends to find a way out of the mansion and discover who is behind all of this.
Welcome To The Mansion has been developed by Jmaster2710
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Game Reviews

i mean i agree with smoker but u cant blame the game dude i know its pixel game but anyway its a hardcore game!
LV 3troy29(5 years ago)
The game itself isn't really that bad however, does it really have to be a download to play game? I mean with those graphics the game could easily be a flash game. But that flaw aside, it has it's moments.
LV 10Smoker(5 years ago)
The monster look like cry O_O
LV 1rockgirlsaffy(4 years ago)
The story wasn't all that bad for the game, but it shouldn't of been downloaded and the graphics wenrt very good. I could do better graphics than that. So Basically your taken to the manor, you can only escape as long as you and everyone stay friends, but as you go your trust in each other slips away and one of you is a killer. Who is it? How do you escape? Why were you taken!? Survive the mansion and survive... Yourselves!
LV 3TheGhost(5 years ago)
It was creepy, but downloading it wasn't necessary. My anti Virus is broken, so downloading it might of given me a virus, who would I blame then? Not game shed, I love gameshed, I would blame the game.
LV 1QU35T(5 years ago)
I don't know how many of you guys know that j-master made this for an competition and for that reason he didn't have lots of time to matter about the graphics. And anyways he made the game with game maker, so show some respect please.
LV 5dusklightguy(4 years ago)
I think the game is great! but the mazes are too long and i kept getting lost :(
LV 1(3 years ago)
i like it :D
LV 1slendermanxD(5 years ago)
I don't even have to think about downloading this game. I just went ahead.
LV 3Winkersisalegend(5 years ago)
how do i make it work?
LV 14jprv47(4 years ago)