VorlorN is an free indie rpg game featuring a compelling story-line with great atmosphere and challenging puzzles developed by Luke Moss
printscreen for VorlorN game
printscreen for VorlorN game
printscreen for VorlorN game
printscreen for VorlorN game
Far in the distance, amid the ocean, lies a massive citadel that rises out of the water every eon. It is said that deep inside of the structure is a place of magic where any wish is possible. If the legend is true, I know my wish. To see you again, even after death.
VorlorN has been developed by Luke Moss

Game Reviews

To pass the ghost (in the 3rd picture), you have to push her over the edge using SPACE key. Hope that helps someone.
really gr8! try it out! worth playing.. small though. one day game :)
haven't played it yet, but looks awesome!
Looks really creepy!
After I download the game I cant play it, it keeps telling me to extract and I keep extracting but nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? Help please...
why i cant download te game it said cant compressed the file :/
i dont feel free to it it looks super sssscary
The download worked for me, but it scared me the first time i saw that shadow. So i might download it again....
Hahahha finished the game.. men that shadow dragon is hard.... :3 Took me 12 deaths.. truly 13 is a lucky number..
This is actullay a good game I played but i keep on die'ing D:
Freakin amazing game! The graphics are awesome. I was going in thinking that it would be closer to the other RPG games. But this blew my mind and took it to a whole new Level! Major props to the creator.