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what a game i love it very much......if anyone wanna help in this game just pm me i will help them.....i like playing it all the time lol
LV 3margereta(6 years ago)
that toy car is so hard!
LV 1(6 years ago)
in the bible it said something about man being tourterd by giant montsters and they can't die. thats why jhon coulden't die even though he got shot like 10 times in the head and got stong by the monsters.until he wanted to die to stop his suffering and pay for his dauters death. And the monsters will take over the world Until He or God returns.
LV 1(8 years ago)
Was anyone thinking of silent hill when that siren went off?
LV 4Mad4Games(5 years ago)
been looking for this game for ages thank god i found it :P
LV 1KittehMeowz(5 years ago)
will part 2 be on here soon??
LV 1this1shit(4 years ago)
one of the best game i played on Game Shed just awesome sad ending though well if anyone wants help at this game just tell me :3
LV 4Chery(4 years ago)
Let's see...
LV 2Gothica22(8 years ago)
ooh finally sum new horror games
LV 1(8 years ago)
you really just ruinded the ending for everyone luvinlucas123..
LV 8boogeymangirl(8 years ago)