Unholy Flesh

Unholy Flesh is an text-based adventure game with creepy story and atmosphere developed by Milcho Milchev
Unholy Flesh has been developed by Milcho Milchev & Martin Dimitrov
You awake suddenly. Your head throbs with pain. It appears that you are in some sort of bedchamber. A barred window barely reveals the messy interior. You get up. The thoughts in your head fly aimlessly around and you can't seams to remember what is this place. Nor you can recall how you got there.
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Game Reviews

Okay to help some of you guys out who are stuck, here's a tutorial, enjoy. When you awake, look under the bed and you will be told you can see a medallion and a pair of diamonds. Take the medallion, however, when you try to take the diamonds you'll find it wasn't a pair of diamonds after all, you'll find out what it is a bit later. Go to the table and take the matches and diary page, then look under the table and look in the garbage can and you'll find another diary page. Open the door and go through to the dimly lit room. Look around and take the map, behind it is a hole with a monocle and diary page inside, take them. Go up the ladder and you'll enter the bell tower, look around and immediately open the chest, take the torch and i think there;s a diary page in there too. Do not tamper with the spider, it will kill you. Go down the ladder and use the matches on the torch before going down the stairs, if you don't you;ll trip and die. Once downstairs you'll be in a church main hall. Look around then look under the benches and you'll find a dairy page and a coin. Do NOT attack the person, or he will kill you!!! Instead go to the table and place the coin in the pot thats on it. Ther person will go crazy and reveal himself to be death (scared the heck out of me first time) After telling you he'll see you in hell, he takes the pot and vanishes leaving he robe behind. Examine his robe and you'll find a rope underneath. Leave the alter alone, there is a bible on it which if you read will cause a chandelier to fall on you and you will die...(there is only one reason why i know all these things kill you :P) Instead go back to the bell tower and use the rope, the bell will start ringing, then after that, hit the spider, because the torch is lit, it will simply fly away where as if you'd of tried hitting it before your torch was lit, it would have just jumped on the end of the torch and killed you. Take the diary page Now go back to the church and go through the narrow corridor and it will lead to the garden. Look at the purple grass and you'll find a corpse that makes you throw up, afterwards, take the pink flower and go to the hole. Take the diary page and the lever and then go to the statue. Use the round platform at the base of the statue and it'll reveal a life going underground. Go down the lift and you'll end up in the office. Go to the safe and take the journal page, then go to the metal desk and take the journal page....then go to the notice board and take the journal page.Afterwards use the lever in the hole and it will deactivate the trap that would kill you if you attempted to go through the long corridor. Go through the long corridor and you'll end up in the lab, look around and go to the cabinet and open it. Take all the chemicals and the drill. Go to the operating table and use the drill on the body, you'll get a nice batch of brain juice, afterwards take the journal page. Read the journal, its quite interesting, and it also tells you how to progress. Once you've read it, take the metal bowl and put the chemical x, chemical z, pink flower, and brain juice inside the bowl and you'll get some sort of superhuman elixar. Drink it and you'll collapse, but you don;t die suprisingly, instead you wake up after a bit feeling like superman. Now go back to the office and go to te barred door. Because of the elixar, you can now bend the iron bars and enter the prison, i need to get me that elixar ;) ...anyway, look around and you'll notice that there's a lump in the wall. Remove the briick and you'll find a key and diary pages. Use the key on the medallion and you'll get the antidote, not sure what it does cause i tried drinking it and nothing happened. Anyway, go back to the church hall and go to the main door that is covered by the ruin. Remove the ruin and you;ll find a diary page. Take it and read the diary. Then go through the gate and you've escaped God bless :D
LV 8Lunaros__Silvero(5 years ago)
I usually don't like text-based games but this one is really special. The story is very disturbing and so are the sounds. The puzzles are pretty tough but not impossible. Highly recommended if you're into this kind of games!
LV 8broco(5 years ago)
The game requires to perform actions in a sequence. For example, you die when you use the staircase if you don't have the torch from the bell tower first. So go upwards first... and don't try to take the spider!!
LV 4EdgarEG24(5 years ago)
wow! I have been searching for text-based games ever since I have watched The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon plays it. This game was awesome! --> BTW - In response to "Lunaros_Silvero"'s comment: If you do not drink the anecdote you die in the end. Yes. All my hard work and I didn't drink the anecdote.. -.- Died a horrible death after spending the whole day playing this game. Happy playing guys :)
LV 1NinaH(5 years ago)
i don't like this game
LV 1scarygirl789(5 years ago)
I finished the game but didn't get the award?! Why!?
LV 4fernleigh(5 years ago)
great texted based game. it's awesome
LV 1fang100000000000(5 years ago)
LV 1CLOSED_ACCOUNT(5 years ago)
This is what happened to you, you dumb ass!!! You died. I played the game and it said there that you fell on the broken staircase and you broke your neck and you die as what is written on the diary. Now don't ask me what happened to you fool!!! -_-
LV 1CLOSED_ACCOUNT(5 years ago)
I just found a couple mistakes. I am currently in the office. The journal page found on the noticeboard starts with "day 45" although the text says "day 47..." and there's a glitch in the open safe, where you can take the sheet of paper continuously.
LV 4EdgarEG24(5 years ago)
Gothlover, you type in "open door"
LV 1CLOSED_ACCOUNT(5 years ago)
Nevermind. I refreshed the game page and it worked.
LV 5Tanuki(5 years ago)
I liked it but mostly because I'm an avid reader- which are really the only type of people that can truly appreciate text RPGs. Good game!
LV 1City0rdinance(5 years ago)
Thank you Lunaros, that is very helpful.
LV 1CLOSED_ACCOUNT(5 years ago)