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in my Opinion i give this advice Ignore all the comments that say "this is stupid" or comments like them, they are posted by people who could not beat it or couldn't find a walk-through. that being said this game was phenomenal, the farther you go the darker the story gets and the atmosphere is superb
LV 4Nyarlathotep(6 years ago)
a fantastic game i would like to share a walkthrough if anybody get stuck
LV 3margereta(7 years ago)
WAKE UP WAKE UP!!! WAKE UP WAKE UP!!! ~Suicide silence (Its a deathcore song look it up on youtube)
LV 1(7 years ago)
finally i beat this game itz not scary but its in my opion between stragy scary and a quarter of mistery
LV 4pinko99(7 years ago)
Our absolute favorite game! Never played anything better on Gameshed! =p
LV 1SusanandShawn(8 years ago)
Pretty creepy I would say! It takes a while to load the game!
LV 13mark_91(8 years ago)
its a great game. it tops the ice cream game
LV 1(8 years ago)
i think this game is cool
LV 1(7 years ago)
i believe it was a great game if you knew what you were doing.
LV 3zkpsge(6 years ago)
Decent, the story was interesting, but didn't really satisfy me. what was with the alternate dimension research business? and what was up with the mysterious girl that showed up to utter esoteric clues? but the puzzles were fun, the art style looked nice, and I think i might have a crush on that creepy faceless girl. on a scale from 1-10 how weird is that?
LV 1Clompst(5 years ago)