The secret of the Necromancer

The secret of the Necromancer is an puzzle-based adventure game with scary atmosphere developed by Roberto Zurdo
The secret of the Necromancer has been developed by Roberto Zurdo, Ruben Maraleda, Victor Sanz, Blanca Collado, Zuri Negrim
On the Halloween night, Sam, Amy and Leo decided to visit the local shop to rent a horror video game. They were lucky and managed to find the last copy of 'The secret of the Necromancer' game so they headed home to try it but something happened and they were teleported in the real of the Necromancer. Will you help them survive and tell the story?
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Game Reviews

A very nice adventure.
LV 5Geminate(10 months ago)
WOW! .. i must say i really enjoyed this game, very well made and a very well done. graphics were great quality along with the sound, sound effects, story line and the whole finding objects 5 star rating :)
LV 5Tr1ckst3r(9 months ago)
im getting to the point were this game is totally awesome and i love it.
LV 1YAZZY12(8 months ago)
Very good game
LV 1City0rdinance(7 months ago)
awaseome and fun!
LV 1BlueBerryMarion(4 months ago)
LV 1xJobz0628(3 months ago)
WOW this game is cool and i also play minecraft and roblox user name in roblox ïs: sharkboykillerdead6 wich is good name just presse add friend and then you're done!! and good luck for playing this if u ar reading the comment please add friend and guess what i'm not a youtuber
LV 4TheLegendaryDemigod(6 months ago)
Love the game although I don't know where they keys are to save the other two are though i got a key from the bag on the tree....Did it go to one of the cells? Or what? Also I found the code for the lighthouse, For me it was 6623. Don't know if it will be the same for anyone else. But it was rather fun!
LV 3Ewood28623(7 days ago)
Has anyone ever figured out what the key in the bloody bag goes to? Or what you are supposed to do with the pirate picture? Or perhaps found the lightbulb or or gone out to the sea with the boat? Sorry If it seems I am asking a lot of questions, i'm just very curious.
LV 3Ewood28623(2 days ago)