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Like they couldnt pick a better picture then her x)
LV 8NinjaGirl(4 years ago)
THE RACCOON 1. Pick up the lamp cord. 2. Plug in the cord to the mower cord. 3. Turn on the mower. 4. Open the toolbox and take out the hammer. 5. Knock the wooden block off the left side of the stick. 6. Remove the stick. 7. Knock over the trash can. 8. Jump in the garbage. 9. Turn off the mower. THE SPIDER AND SKUNK 1. Pick up the can in the back near the cooler and throw it at the spiderweb. 2. Eat the spider. 3. Put the log and the magazine in the firepit. 4. Take the ligher out of the jacket pocket and light the campfire. 5. Put the lower left can of beans on the fire. 6. Eat the skunk. 7. Go to the cracked window. THE SCORPION AND DOG 1. Eat the scorpion in the tank. 2. Open the fridge and throw the hotdogs on the floor. 3. Go outside through the window and eat the dog. 4. Go back inside. THE MAN 1. Rattle the dishes while the man is drinking. 2. Knock the cigarettes on the floor. 3. Get the spray can out of the first cupboard. 4. Pick up the lighter and use the spray can. 5. Take down the man. 6. Try for the woman and she will shoot the door. 7. Go through the window. THE WOMAN 1. Open the cooler and raise the beer. 2. Go through the broken window. 3. Inside, get the woman the following ways: a) Spray, bite b) Spray, claw, bite c) Spray, web d) Spray, sting e) Spray, claw, sting f) Web, spray, sting, claw, bite enjoy
LV 1adrian2627(4 years ago)
im glad they added another but wow was the last scene gory im kinda freaked out :P
LV 2ilovepotatoes(5 years ago)
really cool game:) like the last art where he eat the lady alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)))))))
LV 1kentonfrost(4 years ago)
kool <3 i lik it
LV 1liliblair(4 years ago)
best game i love the part were you turn into a big monster
LV 1legokid55454(4 years ago)
LV 3lindalove(4 years ago)
this game is frecken awesome!!!!
LV 9killamachine001(4 years ago)
LV 3CreatureMan219(4 years ago)
best game ever
LV 1mitchell114(4 years ago)
this game is fun!
LV 3lindalove(4 years ago)
LV 5Veljko98(4 years ago)
cool game
LV 4gunrize(4 years ago)
what a game !!!!!!!!!!!!!
LV 6adscena(4 years ago)
Comment deleted by the Chinese government.
LV 1Zlatan(4 years ago)
very cool game I love the part where you mutate into a terrifying blonde hair monster
LV 3santarmen(4 years ago)
yea lol that fat lady is the most ugly video game character ever made ha ha ha
LV 8bist(4 years ago)
im new guy, add me
LV 4Veetman(4 years ago)
love this game!!!
LV 2maralol987(4 years ago)
:) :) :) saya boom!!!! :D
LV 1childones(4 years ago)
its awesome game guys !!!!!!
LV 6adscena(4 years ago)
you like this i like this to
LV 4akiyo123(2 years ago)
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