The Taking of Sarah Grace

The Taking of Sarah Grace is an heavy text-based point and click thriller game with creepy atmosphere developed by William Bermudez
The Taking of Sarah Grace has been developed by William Bermudez
Uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of Sarah Grace. Sarah went missing about two weeks ago, and everyone is terrified about it. She was last spotted around the old Myers' place. Take a trip into the abandoned house and search for clues and secrets that could help you in your investigation.
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Game Reviews

it won't let me play
Pretty good game :)
I did not care for this game, i kept waiting for something to happen but it never did.
It was okay. It was filled with the suspense most people adore in horror games, but it just cut off in the end. I'm guessing that the killer did kill the hero, but I'm not sure. Anyways, If you are interested in suspense in horror games, this is the game for you.
I have the same problem with this game that I had with the cube escape games. It cuts off at the end and it feels like it was all for nothing.
I don't really like this game, I'm more into interactive not choose & go..
In the end the lucas kills the hero...