Game Reviews

Pretty nice game. Adding images and or jumpscares to death endings would've been epic
I like these types of games because they let you create your own images. It was alright.
The Sound Of Darkness Sounds pretty Awesome :3
Loved the humor in the story.
I have to admit, this was quite a good game. I enjoyed his choice of words and the fact the narrator allowed you to choose your own fate got me very pleased. I enjoyed it, good game.
Very nice, great humor, and diction and syntax. Really enjoyed this!
It was pretty good apart from feeling like I'm reading a book and making the choices but I liked how the different choices you picked landed you in alternate endings.
rate-2 i was pressing A for call somone yet nothing happend i pressed B and it moved on to the next part....
yeahhh i finally won
No jumpscares nothing scary but when you go back to the same room wiith the machine going on. Bit disappointed but the story wasn't that bad. I thought the father was keeping me in but turns out I was the father so..
this was very boring
this SOUNDS awesome :p
Muh not bad but not scary
i'm to lazy to read all of that