Game Reviews

Pretty nice game. Adding images and or jumpscares to death endings would've been epic
LV 1RogueGamer(3 years ago)
I like these types of games because they let you create your own images. It was alright.
LV 1PsychoticAir(3 years ago)
Very nice, great humor, and diction and syntax. Really enjoyed this!
LV 3armybrat1002(3 years ago)
The Sound Of Darkness Sounds pretty Awesome :3
LV 8EeveeChan(3 years ago)
Loved the humor in the story.
LV 1mellow(3 years ago)
I have to admit, this was quite a good game. I enjoyed his choice of words and the fact the narrator allowed you to choose your own fate got me very pleased. I enjoyed it, good game.
LV 1rubycoma736(3 years ago)
rate-2 i was pressing A for call somone yet nothing happend i pressed B and it moved on to the next part....
LV 5LyricalDancer(4 months ago)
Awesome game!!!! One of the best out there, well done!!
LV 5Gh0st(3 years ago)
It was pretty good apart from feeling like I'm reading a book and making the choices but I liked how the different choices you picked landed you in alternate endings.
LV 1thewalkingdead1920(3 years ago)
totally awesome ... (nothing more to say)
LV 4anchiro(3 years ago)