The Morning After

The Morning After is an 3d horror developed by Psionic3D
The Morning After has been developed by Psionic3D
Perform tasks and minigames for them to acquire the key to the front door to escape this madhouse!
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Game Reviews

Not too bad. A bit short though.
LV 5Victros(6 years ago)
By the looks of it... they love beer!
LV 1ethan(9 years ago)
its easy to find differences but this game is not scary its funny i like minigames
LV 1(9 years ago)
i like the game but the mini games are to hard for me!
LV 4girly(9 years ago)
Yo i dnt gt dis game at all dudes
LV 5AirsoftGirl117(8 years ago)
tight but pretty boring.semd me some pms plz
LV 1(10 years ago)
awesome game but some minigames in it are annoying like the cercuit board of the nerd.
LV 9THEBIGCHILL(10 years ago)
i need to find 5 differences bu i cant find the last one
LV 2SimmerAli(9 years ago)
Really Easy. Good For Noobs I Suppose. Good Graphics And Thats What Gives This Game Its 3rd Star. ***
LV 1(9 years ago)
it was wierd. pm me plz
LV 1(9 years ago)