The Mansion Tour

The Mansion Tour is an jumpscare-based escape game with horror elements developed by
A creepy jump scare-based game that will make your heart race! You received a distress call from one of your neighbors and upon your arrival you notice that there is no one home and the house is covered in darkness. Luckily, you brought a flashlight so you start to investigate. What secrets are hidden in its dark rooms?

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Game Reviews

U call that jump scare, "O MY GOD, WHAT WAS THAT!!", okay u got me that was a fake scream, but still horror is my genre. The graphics are gud though and same to the sounds but when ur dead time comes u get killed by no one!?
LV 5LEG1ON(2 years ago)
seems to be in a beta stage, but those sounds are chilling, i had chills the who im i was playing, and when the monster got me, the game would stop and i can hear it killing me but i dont see it happen, other than that its an okay game :)
LV 5HeavenboundRob(2 years ago)
I am hide it smarter!!! monster not see me!!! lol!!!
LV 1alfredo1230(1 year ago)
I like scary stuff, but those sounds were making me shake violently. Great game though!
LV 5Beast10499(2 years ago)
LV 1infochan7886(1 year ago)
Only on Firefox? What BS!!!
LV 1GameGeek14(1 year ago)
LV 2fazbear(1 year ago)
I am hide it smarter!!!
LV 1alfredo1230(1 year ago)
First it tells me that Microsoft edge can't run this, it tells me that fire fox will . No it will not. This is messed up !
LV 1drumhead007(10 months ago)
Defiantly wasn't the scariest game I've every played...it was...ok.
LV 8MissSoulless(1 month ago)