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Lols, I remember watching Pewdiepie play this game.
Xzerodoll LV 4 (3 years ago)
it's just like amnesia the dark decent
Night_walker LV 4 (3 years ago)
it look's like amnesia
terra LV 4 (3 years ago)
I watched markiplier play this
EDE127 LV 1 (2 years ago)
fun but scary i plad in the dark btw dont do it
killerkitty12 LV 2 (4 years ago)
@RISSABABE: The thing you have to download is unity player which is used in alot of newer flash games, i myself use it with the MMO i play, Dead Frontier. its trust-able but not so much on this game, i crashed every time i tried to play o 3o but there are tons of other games waiting
Nyarlathotep LV 4 (3 years ago)
did anyone else have to download something to play? No thanks.......looks like it would have been pretty cool though
rissababe LV 4 (4 years ago)
Super Scary!!!
ZombieKiller247 LV 1 (2 years ago)
#@$* this game
donjulian LV 1 (4 years ago)
I Loved this game. i was actually scared out of my bloody wits when the ghost of the hanged man kept on poping up. all in all, i seriously loved it, genuinley scary, and the 3D is excellent. story isnt all that much to go on, but its okay. plus i found it pretty easy. Keep up the good work! :)
Elmo4780 LV 3 (4 years ago)
add me
KeyKey2 LV 3 (4 years ago)
This game is horrifying! It reminds me of amnesia!
TheGhost LV 3 (3 years ago)
holy crap its creepy! didnt pewdiepie play this
moterthemomo LV 9 (2 years ago)
>.< I dont like it cuz its scary!!! I have to give it a 5.00 because its that scary! D: :O add me if you want!!!
AliciaWolfe LV 2 (4 years ago)
add me
Steven2011 LV 4 (4 years ago)
oh come on! it wont let me play it because of some unity web player issue!
starfoxmaster LV 9 (4 years ago)
this doesnt make sense i was able to play curse of plum mountin but i cant play this and they both have unity web browser!?!
starfoxmaster LV 9 (4 years ago)
to get out of the cell just click on the door a couple of times and BOOM it falls off;D
zombiejohnathon LV 1 (4 years ago)
I've just been playing for 5 minutes, and it's already getting me jumpy! Looks like this is going to be a great adventure! now.. i will venture further into the darkness.
BlueToxicRiver LV 7 (4 years ago)
And now.. i finished the game. It was'nt half-bad! I only wish that the game could be a little longer!
BlueToxicRiver LV 7 (4 years ago)
this reminds me of amnesia lol
vinnie LV 5 (4 years ago)
kinda boring game, where's the scary part?
The_RemiCat LV 5 (4 years ago)
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