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Lols, I remember watching Pewdiepie play this game.
LV 4Xzerodoll(4 years ago)
it's just like amnesia the dark decent
LV 4Night_walker(4 years ago)
it look's like amnesia
LV 4terra(4 years ago)
I watched markiplier play this
LV 1EDE127(3 years ago)
fun but scary i plad in the dark btw dont do it
LV 2killerkitty12(5 years ago)
@RISSABABE: The thing you have to download is unity player which is used in alot of newer flash games, i myself use it with the MMO i play, Dead Frontier. its trust-able but not so much on this game, i crashed every time i tried to play o 3o but there are tons of other games waiting
LV 4Nyarlathotep(4 years ago)
did anyone else have to download something to play? No thanks.......looks like it would have been pretty cool though
LV 4rissababe(4 years ago)
Super Scary!!!
LV 1ZombieKiller247(3 years ago)
#@$* this game
LV 1donjulian(5 years ago)
I Loved this game. i was actually scared out of my bloody wits when the ghost of the hanged man kept on poping up. all in all, i seriously loved it, genuinley scary, and the 3D is excellent. story isnt all that much to go on, but its okay. plus i found it pretty easy. Keep up the good work! :)
LV 3Elmo4780(5 years ago)
add me
LV 3KeyKey2(4 years ago)
This game is horrifying! It reminds me of amnesia!
LV 3TheGhost(4 years ago)
holy crap its creepy! didnt pewdiepie play this
LV 9moterthemomo(3 years ago)
>.< I dont like it cuz its scary!!! I have to give it a 5.00 because its that scary! D: :O add me if you want!!!
LV 2AliciaWolfe(5 years ago)
add me
LV 4Steven2011(5 years ago)
oh come on! it wont let me play it because of some unity web player issue!
LV 9starfoxmaster(5 years ago)
this doesnt make sense i was able to play curse of plum mountin but i cant play this and they both have unity web browser!?!
LV 9starfoxmaster(5 years ago)
to get out of the cell just click on the door a couple of times and BOOM it falls off;D
LV 1zombiejohnathon(5 years ago)
I've just been playing for 5 minutes, and it's already getting me jumpy! Looks like this is going to be a great adventure! now.. i will venture further into the darkness.
LV 7BlueToxicRiver(5 years ago)
And now.. i finished the game. It was'nt half-bad! I only wish that the game could be a little longer!
LV 7BlueToxicRiver(5 years ago)
this reminds me of amnesia lol
LV 5vinnie(5 years ago)
kinda boring game, where's the scary part?
LV 5The_RemiCat(5 years ago)
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