The Last Door: Chapter 4

The Last Door: Chapter 4 is an the 4th part of the popular series The Last Door, an indie point and click adventure game with scary developed by theGameKitchen
The Last Door: Chapter 4 has been developed by theGameKitchen
Following Alexandre's advice, Jeremiah Devitt travels to the parish of Pevensey, in East Sussex. Once there, according to his friend, he will find the answers to all his questions.
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Click on Devitt. Click on the table. Click on Devitt again. Click through the dialogue and scenes. Click through the conversations and go through all of the dialogue options. When you regain control of Devitt, walk all the way left to the next screen. Walk all the way left again before entering the house. This is the foyer, go upstairs to begin with and enter the first room. Talk to Alexandre and exhaust all dialogue options. Leave the room and walk to the right into the next part of the corridor. Open the chest and pick up a hook. Go back downstairs and into the foyer. Exit the room via the back archway to enter the parlor. Cross the parlor and exit via the door on the far left. Pick up the oil lamp on the table. Walk to the far left of the room and read the note. Go through the door on the far right to exit out into the back garden. Pick up the rope beside the well. Use the hook with the rope to get a grappling hook. Use the grappling hook with the well to receive a brass bird. Examine the grave then head to the gate at the back, unlock it and head through. Walk to the far right and note the door to the greenhouse with the bar across it. Remove the bar then open the door and head inside. Walk to the far right until you see the statues, a bottle of Vitriol is between them. Pick it up. Leave the greenhouse and head back into the house then upstairs again. Walk down the corridor to the right, into the next part where the chest is, then enter the room on at the far end. In the study examine the note and invoice on the table. Examine the fireplace then pick up the black envelope from inside it. Leave the room and enter the final door on the back wall. This is a photographer's developing room, pick up the Cyanide on the back table and read the note on the floor. Examine the light hanging from the ceiling then pick it up to receive a lightbulb. Leave and go back downstairs then out the front door. Walk to where the greenhouse is then look to the back where you'll see the exit to the forest. Leave through these gates into the forest. Walk along to the right until coming across a deer. Use the lightbulb with the deer to get a red tinted lightbulb. Go back to the house then the photographer's room. Use the red tinted lightbulb in the hanging light. Put the envelope in the sink, pour the Vitriol on it then the Cyanide, finally use the tap to rinse it off. Click through the scene then leave the room and go into Alexandre's room. Talk to him then pick up what he drops to receive a a clock hand. Put the bird in the clock near Alexandre before examining the clock face. Leave the room and go back downstairs to the foyer. Use the clock hand in the grandfather clock. Turn the hands of the grandfather clock until they read 3:00 (hold down mouse button) Once the clock reads 3:00 click the switch beside the clock face. Go back upstairs to Alexandre's room. Pick up the blue object on the floor to receive the bird again. Examine it then open it to get a key. Go downstairs and out into the back garden. Use the key with the trapdoor to the cellar. Enter the cellar and move a little to the left to examine a set of drawers. Open the drawers and take out the shovel. Exit the cellar and use the shovel with the grave outside. Use the Vitriol with the lock. Pick up the blue object to receive a canvas. Exit out of the screen then examine the canvas. Walk back, via the front garden, to Alexandre's room. Read the note on the wheelchair, Exit out onto the balcony and pick up the object in the statue's hands to pick up a cristal. Walk all the way back to the cellar only this time walk through to the far left. In the laboratory, read the note then walk to the right until you see an opening in the wall. Head inside into a makeshift observatory. Use the telescope then use the canvas to note the positioning of the constallations. You need to click the stars that match up with the ones highlighted in the canvas. After the puzzle, put the cristal in the telescope then look through it again. Note the symbols that match up with the three stars you just selected. Open the cabinet in the room and enter the three symbols making sure the Altair symbol is at the bottom. (Far right is a U shape, bottom one is a sort of trident and the far left one is a vertical line with two wavy lines through it) Examine then pick up a syringe from the desk. Go down into the pit and use the syringe with Alexandre. Sit in the chair. Give the syringe to Alexandre. Click through the dialogue and scenes. Walk continually to the right. hit the like if it helped you . love y'all <3 :)
Ah yes. I have been waiting long to play this. This is one of the greatest and most beautifully made browser games I've ever played, everyone who likes point-and-click adventures should definitely try this out!
Whoa, after I'd been in the house in the game for a while I pressed a wrong button and accidentally closed my browser. When I turned my light on I found a med it medium-small black feather on the ground behind where I was sitting. I find it eerie the Intro credit screens dwelled so much on the crow, and then the game hinted at it with the clock and I found one behind me. I've never found a black feather in my house nor do we have any pillows or comforters with black feathers in them...
Yess!! I've been waiting for this game!
I was waiting for this episode. Such a nice game. looking forward to the next season ^-^
CHAPTER 4 !! finaly :D
i love this game!it's so scary
There's gonna be a season 2??? Can't wait!
I can't wait for the next season!! :) I love this series!
Awesome series. Can't wait for Season 2!!
its a really weird serie but i kinda like it :3
chapteR 4 FINALLY!