The Last Door: Chapter 3

The Last Door: Chapter 3 is an the third part of the popular horror adventure game The Last Door developed by theGameKitchen
The Last Door: Chapter 3 has been developed by theGameKitchen
You may keep my miserable kingdom, you may keep my spike encrusted jewels. Stay there as you will, and stare into my eyes. I am a shadow's shadow and will not disappoint.
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Game Reviews

Can't wait for chapter 4! :)
Wow, that was intense. Eager to play the next chapter now, like always!
I always got lost in the friggin fog. How do fvcking get out?
got stuck at the man walked into the dark ness. i couldnt go in the dark. so please help me.
Whoo-hoo! I have been looking forward to Chapter 3! Great game! :D
i want chapter 4!! this game is so fantastic! cant wait <3
I love, and highly recommend this series! Every new installment is better then the last one and the sound design really completes the whole package, 5/5, big ups to the game developers!
hhhh at first when i saw it loading i was like oh is it a steam game then i saw that its not steam but the game kitchen
Really love this series. Also, I did not get my badge upon initial completion. If you refresh and click continue and replay the last scene, you should get it. Worked for me. :)
its shorter and its less complicated than other chapters ,still enjoyed and music is gr8 !
I'm quite enjoying these.
I always loved pixel horror games XD
I love this game! I just did a recording for my Lets Play channel so if you want to see it the link is youtube.com/user/musichik16/videos Also, I can't wait for the next chapter! Good luck guys and great work as always! (I didn't get the badge either but ooooh well :P )