The Insanity is an horror game developed by EvilKris
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The Insanity

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How is this Boring and Stupid? Be happy that it isn't YOU who is in this game. Just play it and have fun!!!
LV 8Airythne(6 years ago)
The Combination can be found in the library in the notes on the second page after the words "Notably intelligent" there will be four numbers, thats the code but its different for each player. that being said Great game and story
LV 4Nyarlathotep(6 years ago)
the code changes. u have to look in the book in the room with the music box. the code could be anything really. but u do have to check. fun game! scared the piss outta me though :)
LV 5firefly(6 years ago)
Hahaha Hide In Da Closet they will never find me :D
LV 9PenguinOnDope(9 years ago)
if you looking for scary game, this game is for you.
LV 19TooLate77(6 years ago)
i dont see the dang code!!!
LV 1(8 years ago)
what is the combination code
LV 1(6 years ago)
nice game!!
LV 7drez(6 years ago)
Cannibal Corpse!!!Butchred At birth!!!
LV 1(6 years ago)
I got freaking confused T^T I dunno what to do after I let the crow out.
LV 1(9 years ago)