The Insanity 2

The Insanity 2 is an horror point and click developed by EvilKris
You play as Peter Langdon, a well-known journalist who is investigating the possible source of a spree of horrific movies that have sprouted up over over the web recently. Each video depicts a type of horrific torture or surgery, the combining of humans&animals, performed by a mysterious person known as Dr.Edgar Friendly.

This game has been developed by EvilKris
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People have spoken

i just love scary games
meoshka LV 7 (3 years ago)
Thumbs up !! if u love this game...
Itachi LV 3 (3 years ago)
Only if it were a movie..
GothicAngel LV 4 (3 years ago)
2169 is code
Veljko98 LV 5 (3 years ago)
(please have the candle or youll die) when you go into the sewer dont keep the light on the beast, go all the way over until you pass over a key, grab it, and then you click your mouse as fast as you can to get out throw the candle on the gasoline covered floor
heatherbucheger LV 7 (4 years ago)
pretty good, crappy ending :/
Killjoy LV 18 (3 years ago)
i just love this game n its too hard
nikhar LV 1 (3 years ago)
this looks scary
Sandman656 LV 3 (3 years ago)
Margona - You must find the bottle of acid next to the monster in the hydration tank. Pull the lever next to him and grab the bottle of acid. Next take the acid to the water supply (by that Cthulu monster) and use the acid on the water supply. The acid will kill the huge monster behind the chained door so you can safely pass through. Use the rest of the acid on the woman that tries to stab you with a knife.
Secret_Agent_Z LV 3 (4 years ago)
when you get into the elevator make sure when you are pressing the buttons they match one (of the three) and not all three, you have to press the amont of matching signs until the thing fills up (and before time runs out) then you go to the next one, and when you are going against the chimera shoot the glass above him not him (remember he is not wounded by bullets...but with razor-sharp glass) :P hope i helped :D
heatherbucheger LV 7 (4 years ago)
This game is very scary and very hard!
rissababe LV 4 (4 years ago)
Great great game with a very in depth story line and decent puzzles. i found myself glued to the edge of my seat, jumped a few times to be honest lol, had trouble with the last badge but only things to that darn specter XD
Nyarlathotep LV 4 (3 years ago)
whew that was one of the best games i've played in awhile i got stuck on the candle for a bit there i feel stupid 5/5
Bleachfan366 LV 1 (3 years ago)
i got killed by the Eye trap but i finished it is a good game
portashoota45 LV 3 (3 years ago)
good game! :)
ScaryGuest12 LV 4 (3 years ago)
alexbtfan LV 4 (3 years ago)
-sits in bathtub with curtains pulled over-... -comes across a chimera, and slides the curtains away- Oh hi.. can you tell me where the exit is please? :3
Lunacy LV 8 (3 years ago)
the "secret door" is where you got the first key (when everything went black) go into the room but never return
heatherbucheger LV 7 (4 years ago)
dont open the cage until you get the acid and put it in the water system, then when you see the woman pour it on her
heatherbucheger LV 7 (4 years ago)
when u see the moon and sun lock,turn all into ur best :)
Deatheater LV 10 (3 years ago)
seriously dont look into the painting
Deatheater LV 10 (3 years ago)
holy s he turned me into a raptor at the end awesome f ing game
ajnarv LV 6 (3 years ago)
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