The Halloween

The Halloween is an halloween developed by Sinthai Boonmaitree
The Halloween has been developed by Sinthai Boonmaitree
Here comes a brand new scary game from the creator of the popular game The House.
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Game Reviews

ooo my gosh when that window broke with blood I FREAKING R.A.N
LV 5AwesomeSauce(6 years ago)
ooo my gosh when that window broke with blood I FREAKING R.A.N ND IM SCARED TO GO TO THE BATHROOM I NEED TO PEE BUT NO IM SCARED AS HELL
LV 1ashley1010(6 years ago)
well you have to keep simutaniously (continuously) press both the pumpkin and light switch on the wall until the glass breaks and pumpkin turns into a jack-o-lanturn then o look a note from the creator, keep clicking until oh gross a baby head switches place with the pumpkin and you keep clicking the light switch (bc everything else is gone) then wait a AHHH baby head attck hope i helped and didnt spoil (^_^)
LV 1(7 years ago)
LV 1(6 years ago)
its scary as heellllll
LV 5AwesomeSauce(6 years ago)
holy shit
LV 5AwesomeSauce(6 years ago)
loved it
LV 12jimmythegreekone(6 years ago)
holy shit
LV 2danielgetmoney(6 years ago)
That baby head was freaky XD
LV 1(6 years ago)
its almost look like the house you just keep clicking but when the shoot come from the door heart attack xD soo scary .
LV 9cute_girl(7 years ago)