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eat the game heres how 1. first, look at your checklist. it will list a couple things you have to do. you need to complete those before you do anything else. here they are: a. call me when you get home. to do this just go to the room with a tv and click on the phone and press the yellow button. done! (press the black button to go away from it). b. mom's pills are in the bathroom. go upstairs and click on the sink picture. now click the cubboard. now there's gonna be some scary thing! but then you're done. c. get mom food from the refridgerator. just go into the tv room and click on the picture with lots of rice paper around it (there's also a kitchen table). now click on the refrigherator. now click it again when it flashing again. done! d. something about laundry. go to the porch and click on all of the photograph pictures. they will disappear. now go up the stairs, and click on the door straight ahead. click on it again boom! click on it again boom! and click it one more time sha-bam!! now open the closet (you could die here by chance) and hope you live, then click the closet again. done! i think thats all of them. but when you have all your chores done, go upstairs and click on the door on the right. warning: this part is scary! now open the white, flashing closet just a creak. now open it again (you could die here by chance) and hope you live, then see a little boy sitting in the closet. now click on the glowing blue opening over the closet (if you lived) to go to the attic. this is the part with the highest chance of you dieing. if you *somehow* (like i did) survive, move your mouse to the left, and grab the phone. click on it when it stops flashing. congragulations! you won! and ur welcome it easy but it quite scary
LV 5hadeesa(6 years ago)
i used a different name and initial..........just in case
LV 13CursedMark02(4 years ago)
im a wussy I played without the sound...
LV 1screamgirl13(4 years ago)
pft i died really fast Dx
LV 2monsterfreak113(7 years ago)
you know what is scary huh, the loading time of this game
LV 1mistiquelikeaninja(4 years ago)
:'( scary!!
LV 8ekim99(7 years ago)
dis game is fking shit
LV 4coolbr4d(7 years ago)
I feel heartattack for grudge....
LV 1Trishauscus(4 years ago)
Asian Scary Stories Are The Best c:
LV 2Aesthetic(3 years ago)
god im scard..=(
LV 3Ayabrea(7 years ago)
scaaaaaaaary help me its to scary why i play that ****
LV 3peerawat(3 years ago)
This game creeps me out.
LV 9Mortician(3 years ago)
OOOO nicee!!!************+_+
LV 1sali(3 years ago)
i hate this game!
LV 4wilmarie18(7 years ago)
is the ending of this game scary
LV 1tydavidson25(3 years ago)
it is a scary game and takes your skills to the test and make choices
LV 1scarymontage123(3 years ago)
I get scared after going up the stairs and I normally go up the stairs first
LV 3Cry3TearsForMe(3 years ago)
ok i watch the grudge and the sequels and come on this game is tacky it cant even compare to the grudge if ur scared of this then u have never watched the films
LV 1flawesome12345(3 years ago)
its soo awesome, first it was scary but if you play it more its not scary anymore
LV 1DarkHorse16(3 years ago)
Great game! The sounds and music is freaky , but I love it! Jump scares though make my heart pound , beware : )
LV 3Lizzy202(3 years ago)
you have to take the scissors and stab her
LV 8ekim99(7 years ago)
f*ck off this game
LV 1iloveher(4 years ago)
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