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For the secret badge you have to let the guy at the end escape.
LV 19Metalmadness(4 years ago)
*sees dead body* oh hi how are you skeleton are you feeling "skinny" alright c ya ske- *sees weird ghost thing* WTF WAS THAT!!!!
LV 1Slender13(4 years ago)
FINALY ITS HERE!!! i have been waiting SO LONG
LV 4TheFacelessSadow(4 years ago)
So this is the game with the scary butthole pewds told me aobut XD
LV 12Nichick390(4 years ago)
OMG is that the... OMG it's the scariest butthole -pewdiepie
LV 4ManifestoOfReaper(4 years ago)
Oh boy, finished the Game in 30 Minutes... But where is the Secret! What is it! Ughn... Great Game, must replay it now and find the Secret!
LV 5GeekChic93(4 years ago)
fun to see how the story unfold
LV 2echolink(4 years ago)
In one word:AWSOME
LV 3Esserenn(4 years ago)
Thank yah MatelMadness for telling an i LOVE SCARY PUZZLE kind of games :3
LV 8EvilUnicornMaster(4 years ago)
I prefer letting the guy go...besides, I have my worm buddy to keep me company.
LV 4PhantomOfTheHummus(4 years ago)
absolutely great game, the best one so far and the twist in the end is brilliant
LV 8Connacemox(4 years ago)
1.After waking up, you'll find yourself in a room. Keep clicking the shadowed figure slightly to the left, until you finish a conversation. 2. Click on the light and forward to a room. 3. Pick up the bottle on the floor, then head forward into the door. 4. Move forward twice, and you will find yourself in a church with three passageways. Go right and enter the storeroom. 5. Pick up the screwdriver at the top of the center shelf, and hammer at the right side. Once done, go back and proceed left again. 6. Use your screwdriver to pick up the gem stuck in the statue, and then use the hammer to smash the bottle. You should have two gems now. 7. Head back to the church and enter the center passageway. Now, place your gems into the stone skull's eyes. This will unlock the secret door on the left, so go left. 8. Dismount the small gem stuck onto the gray hole, then mount the small gem back into the blue hole. Once done, go left. 9. Do the same in this room, dismount all the gems first, then place them in the blue holes, then go left. 10. Same again here, then go left. Now grab the handle and head back to the church by redoing the mounting and dismounting. 11. Head to the left passageway and insert the handle into the reel. Click the reel to pull the rope down. Go back to church, then head right all the way until you are in this room where you find a hanging clown. 12. Pick up the stool, then goes back left twice. Place the stool under the door and go back to the reel. 13. Unwind the reel and head back to the sewer. Now the metal gate is opened, go forward then right. 14. BECAREFUL! This part is quite tricky. Your mouse movements will may trigger the monster to devour you if you move too quickly. Slowly and steadily move your mouse to the right and pull down the switch, then swiftly move your mouse to exit the right door. 15. Go right and enter the restroom. Pick the golden key at the sink, then exit. 16. Use the golden key to unlock the door, then go left 4 times. You should be in a corridor with three different doors. 17. Enter the center one and pick up the empty gease can. Exit and go to the left most inner room. 18. Pick up the square stone tablet (1/4) in the wall, then use your hammer and smash the fat, oily mushroom. Fill the gease can with oil then exit. 19. You should be back in the corridor and go right. Click the window and pick up a windup key. Once done, leave the window and go right. 20. Now pour the grease and open the rusty lock. Head down. 21. Slowly move your mouse to the stone tablet lying against the wall. BECAREFUL! It's the monster again! Just swiftly click the door on the right. 22. Pick up your hammer and throw it on the pile of plates. The monster should catch your attention and appear here. Proceed left again and pick up the square stone tablet (2/4) and leave immediately, up the ladder. 23. Head back at the way left until you are at room with the music box, use the windup key here. 24. Go left, and draw the curtain back then enter. Pick up the square stone tablet (3/4) near the skeleton skull, then proceed back to the corridor all the way right 6 times. 25. Enter the center room and use your screwdriver to open the lid of some sort, then jam the gears with your screwdriver. Head back to the room with the music box. 26. Go forward twice, right then enter the kitchen. Now pick up the last square stone tablet (4/4) at the shelf, then go back to the area with the music box. 27. Go left and click the paper on the ground. Memorize the patterns, it's different in every gameplay. 28. Proceed right 3 times and assemble the stone tablets into the empty square slots, according to the patterns you've memorized. A ladder should appear. 29. Lower the ladder by turning the valve. The monster should make a surprise entry after 3-4 turns. Just continue turning until you couldn't. 30. Climb up the ladder and look yourself in the mirror. 31. Go right then click on the door.
LV 8Smol(2 years ago)
That was fun :D
LV 1YuiiChan5(4 years ago)
nice game
LV 8devil19(4 years ago)