The Boogie Man

The Boogie Man is an horror themed rpg detective game with great atmosphere developed by Uri
printscreen for The Boogie Man game
printscreen for The Boogie Man game
printscreen for The Boogie Man game
printscreen for The Boogie Man game
The Boogie Man is a horror adventure game well worth a few hours of your time. The action of the game takes place inside an old spooky castle. You play as detective Keith Baring, who along with his wife and a few other visitors are spending their vacation exploring this mysterious castle. On their first night at the castle, our protagonist wakes up to find his wife and the rest of the tour group missing. Where are they and who is behind their disappearance?
The Boogie Man has been developed by Uri & Vgperson

Game Reviews

I actually like these series, apart from them being a bit difficult or me not using logic. I got a bit scared from others like Paranoiac yet the others... someone else played for me because I was too scared or too dumb.
LV 5UtaLarvaKleinTyki(3 years ago)
Oh God, not another game from Uri! Looks like I'm not going to sleep tonight! Paranoiac scared the crap out of me and my lil' sis.
LV 8eufora(3 years ago)
OMG!! It features David from The Crooked Man :3
LV 3SakuraFubuki(3 years ago)
I love these games. period. So many puzzles to solve and everything.
LV 1neverever(3 years ago)
Haven't played these kind of games in a while but i Love them and i Love the stories so cant wait to try it out right now
LV 8EvilUnicornMaster(3 years ago)
awesome game !!!
LV 10Fighter(3 years ago)
LV 3NotTheName(3 years ago)
O mio Dio una cosa stupenda e strana Gesù che gioco :)
LV 1tarizzco(3 years ago)
That's Wolf Rpg Editor is my favorite horror, puzzle, optional, and mystery game series ever! I can't believe it was dead, finally I was excited to eagerly play this. I never forget characters from Sandman and The Crooked Man there I did save them (trying to puzzle, lol). I tell you, I am biggest fan of you, Wolf Rpg Editor! Honestly, it's not very scary, but too disturbing and creepy that lifeless Boogie tried to scare them by invading their dark and tradgey secrets, I know you were shocked because they are willing to suicide from their fear, or their loss of love or someone very worth to them. That I mean bad endings. Finally I solved puzzles requiring the happy ending then I learned very important lesson to earn my life is repairing for happiness and self esteem. I wish you try to play this, why not? I hope you will have enjoy time to play this.
LV 5DeafGamer(3 years ago)
What is the password on the door with a security when you get closer something shoots you and then when you get near on the door it got a electricity trap But i solve that but i don't know the code.
LV 1CarlWantsACar(3 years ago)
I accidentally killed off Sophie and David (separately) and saw the preview towards the bad endings. I started all over again. I somehow got the 4th bad ending because I missed some of the requirements for a good one (Keith died). I started all over again. So far, this is the best one (in my opinion) in the Strange Men series. But those bad endings? I (tried to) delete them from my memory. Far too depressing.
LV 1YamiWolf(3 years ago)
Just began a Let's Play on this game! Come and check it out if you have the time! :) @KookiMonsta on YT
LV 1KookiMonsta(3 years ago)
it wont let me open it after download
LV 1A7XfoREVer12345(3 years ago)
I can't be the only one who's noticed the detestable racial microaggressions woven into this game. For example how Dic k's (the only browner character's) dialogue was written incorrectly (unlike that of the pale characters) and he was made to be totally antagonized. They named him D.i.c.k. for goodness sake! To top it all off they had him inappropriately "blaring" mock hip hop music in his office?! These racial prejudices of this game maker bleeding so profusely into this story should be obvious to to you. I stopped playing the game only a bit in because I couldn't enjoy the game with the grotesque taste of racism in my mouth. I'm glad that a darker person was finally included in one of these games as an executive of sorts no less... nevertheless, the way in which it was done here was ignorant and senseless. I urge the rest of you out there to demand better quality than what this game has provided: to include darker colored characters in a racially educated fashion.
LV 1Gabeey7(3 years ago)