Game Reviews

Its not scary..
i hate this game its stupid
This game is retarded..
i hate this game its scary but i never make it.
yeah this game is horrible
note to self... babies kill people when touched :p
Its like the captions are written by Yoda. Good game shame that the English isn't better
the 1st house game is scarier than this game like seriously come on
Does any horror game creator actually speak english? Creepy, grainy images and crickets chirping are cool, but they don't mean a damn thing if I have no idea why I just got killed. I swear to god, nobody cares about writing!
silly game not scary at all i think so i am the only one brave in games shed until now there not even a one game that i feel scar from it
omg redy to play
very short sentences in the description much?
what is with horror games and freakin wen they talk its like poems i mean i dont even no wut there say i lust in to the walkin darknes of memories and horror and princesses and frogs thts wut its like for me lol
who think that gameshed needs to be pimped out? (idk im realy bored lol)