Slender Flashlight

Slender Flashlight is an one of the best slenderman game out there developed by Triggered Games
printscreen for Slender Flashlight game
printscreen for Slender Flashlight game
printscreen for Slender Flashlight game
printscreen for Slender Flashlight game
An highly recommended Slender game with great atmosphere and gameplay. The game features 3 single player modes...Classic Slender, No Flashlight and Slendy Twins. A new version featuring Multiplayer Mode will be released pretty soon.
Slender Flashlight has been developed by Triggered Games
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Game Reviews

Good to see people enjoy my game! just wait for the new update :D
LV 1TriggeredGames(5 years ago)
Omg!!! it's awesome. and the Stephano thing... Just brilliant! keep up the good work. hope multiplayer comes soon
LV 1PANDAGAMER(5 years ago)
Very good work trigger. I liked the pewdiepie reference at the start of the game, I do like the slender man's design in this game as well. The sensitivity could be cranked down just a little, the biggest problem I had was how slow the game was had to crank it all most to the lowest quality to make even remarkable faster. I would also want a game mode including "proxy's" instead of another slender man. Just make the game faster and the game is near perfect!
LV 1HABIThuntsTHERABBITS(5 years ago)
This would be the best slender game I've ever played!!! Highly recommended!
LV 7cartman(5 years ago)
Hella Scary... Good Job XD :3 XD
LV 2GenesisJaeger12(5 years ago)
Its Very good. I love the graphics how Slender Looks everything in there is just magnificent its Really scary and its just awesome and nothing is wrong with it. its Just a great game
LV 3VIctor_Reznov(5 years ago)
Amazing game ;D
LV 5Aquamarine(5 years ago)
goood game !! scaryy ! :) best ever !!
LV 2kEnToox(5 years ago)
Really scary, super well made and just so AWESOME¬ I strongly recommend you play this game!
LV 3TheGhost(5 years ago)
I like this game forever, and make me scary if go to toilet
LV 4YuRaina(5 years ago)