Skinwalker is an a classic camping-trip-gone-wrong horror game with terrifying atmosphere developed by SnowOwl
printscreen for Skinwalker game
printscreen for Skinwalker game
printscreen for Skinwalker game
printscreen for Skinwalker game
Joe and three of his best friends from the University decided to go camping but strange things started to happen. The story is based upon the Skinwalker creature and the stories surrounding it.
Skinwalker has been developed by SnowOwl
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Game Reviews

Looks like an interesting game. Can't wait to play it!
LV 9Mortician(5 years ago)
This would be one of the creepiest game I've ever played and WTF...it's just a pixel game! I dare you to play this game late at night with the headphones ON! Kudos to GameShed for putting the game up and a big thank you to the developer SnowOwl!!!
LV 5cacaman(5 years ago)
good game so far
LV 1(5 years ago)
Nevermind.. It was a short game ,but still pretty good
LV 7Simcoll(5 years ago)
A simple game. It was alright... Nothing like the crooked man, paranoiac or schuld. Really short story game. Played all endings lol XD
LV 1PotatoChips(5 years ago)
good game.. that sounds has been scared lol XD
LV 1madrid7rio(5 years ago)
Awsome game ^.^'
LV 5LuciferMorningstar(5 years ago)
Very good story telling albeit very short.
LV 4Chopsuey9444(5 years ago)
i liked the game, but i was disappointed, it had A LOT of potential, the 4 friends in the woods... could've been really spectacular... i just feel the game was VERY rushed. I couldn't believe how quick it was over, a lot more could've been done with this game
LV 1kitkat1204(5 years ago)
SCARY GAME! Wont they ever make one of these with better graphics.
LV 3TheGhost(5 years ago)