Silent Hill: Distant Scars

Silent Hill: Distant Scars is an creepy point and click game with good scares and some clever puzzles developed by Sober Joe
Silent Hill: Distant Scars has been developed by Sober Joe
Your plane has crashed but somehow you managed to survive. Now you find yourself lost in the woods having only an flash light and an Bobby Pin. Find a way to escape the woods and head to the nearest city...if there is one.
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code : right, up, down, right, left, up
LV 19TooLate77(6 years ago)
just wanna be the first one to comment LOL XD
LV 8cali(6 years ago)
not even a bit scary :/
LV 19Metalmadness(6 years ago)
I died. the beast got me when I walked into the door. I think the game is ok. Def. not better than the original silent hill games. Can't wait for the New silent hill movie to come out in theatres Oct. 31!
LV 4Ashjankel24(6 years ago)
another epic game..me gusta
LV 6LadyMystic(6 years ago)
It's ok. a lot better than the other Silent Hill games. Not scary at all though.
LV 1(6 years ago)
do you want to go inside? (clicks yes) hisss* your dead. "Nice."
LV 1monochromekiss(2 years ago)
The real thing is waaaaay better, I think idk about you but if you havent heard of it try Silent hill 2 its a good game and all (you have to buy it for whatever you got) its scary and all but if you want more gore and horror try downpour
LV 4Josh12389(6 years ago)
like the rest of the games this is a masterpeice of just the right amount of fright and chills
LV 6ajnarv(6 years ago)
After you get white oil go to the bookstore and use it on the door to the left.
LV 4Mad4Games(5 years ago)