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I wan't pwediepie to play this Vote up if ya think so :)
Omg it looks scary !! o.o don't worry cause it is !! o.o
It's true...this game isn't scary. Although I think the storyline behind it is interesting. If it wasnt an over head view and was a first person view the whole time it would be much scarier.
This game isn't even scary. What the Hell? If you get scared of this game, I'd advise not to play Horror Games. You're going to have a heart attack.
Big like to the game .. ♥ !
awesome mannnnnnnnnn
While it's obvious that a lot of work went into this game, it suffers by just becoming an item hunt. Walking transitions were too slow. There was a great amount of visual monotony, and while there was sound effects, it sorely lacked of game music, something you can't do without in order to set the tone. Ultimately I have to say that this game is simply a time waster and fell way short of being sufficiently entertaining.
This reminds me of The House 1 & 2. If you like those you will like this one as well. Would I recommend it? Hell yeah!
Absolutely amazing, well played. I'm not really easy to be scared but this game did it. Throughout the story, I'be been amazed with it's story.
I wanna Markiplier play this game... really was be Funn!! :P
Pretty good game! :)
scary maze is even better than this ._.
I wanna play this game Markiplier!!! really was be funn!!! <3
this game was interesting..but not as scary as i wish it would've been. if you get scared by this game, don't play any other horror're probably not ready for it.