Satanorium is an horror point and click adventure game developed by Belugerin Studios
Satanorium has been developed by Belugerin Studios
Help Catherine uncover the mysteries behind the Murn Carni Hospital in this great horror point and click game made by the guys from Belugerin Studios.
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Game Reviews

so here is the walkthrough : get the iron pipe (its near the car) and use it on the policeman when he is not watching . get the lighter the flashlight and the keys . go to the door use the keys and get inside . when you get in go left and click on the barrels , and get the tube from there . now go back and go right click on the rusty old jeep and get from there the gas can , go to the inventory and combine the gas can and the tube and use it on the lit of the jeep (first open it -.-). take the gas can and go back . go right again and near the barrels you will see a door . go inside . you will see a door there go to that door . you will see that it is locked with a rope . use the gas can on the rope and then the lighter to burn it . when you open the door you will see a generator . click on it and it will you will have to find how much power it needs . its easy it needs 20.0 so you use the 5 , 5 , 2.5 , 2.5 , 2.5 , 2.5 . ok when you finish there you will see a battery near the generator take it and combine it with your flashlight . go back and now go inside the big building . go to the front desk get the power cable and the notes . go back and go to the hall . enter the first room get the small keys and open the cabinet , there you will see a ghost . take the black book that it will drop you . go back and go on the stairs . you will see 3 doors enter the second one . you will see everything yellow . go to the second room two times and then you will see a number on the wall 12112 so you go to first door , then to second door , first door , first door , second door.when your vision gets back normal go to the third room . there are two small doors on the table open the first one and get the usb . use the power cable and the usb on the pc and turn it on . the password for the pc is: "satan" ok see all the files and get out of the room . you will get dizzy again but this time you will see a skull . click on him and here starts the hard part "the ritual" .use the candles in this order . up red up right corner black down right corner blue down white down left corner dark green up left corner purple . then use the purple dust and then click on the red chalk and on the triangle thing , green chalk and on the fish thing ,blue chalk and on the circle thing , click on the black book and go to the next page , click on the strange words
LV 10Smoker(8 years ago)
when the guard walks over to the left (next to the car) he will stand there for a few seconds so when he does go there use the pipe on him to knock him out
LV 6KingOfLimbo(6 years ago)
Okay So you can skip through all the talking but if you want to read the story can. But First you move over by the police or security guard car. Then you look on the ground and get the hammer. Then you click the security guard and then you would hit him in the head. When hes on the ground get the keys, flashlight , and lighter. Then you go to the door and go in your inventory and get the keys and unlock the door. Next go to your left all they way and click the things that look like barrels and to the left on the wall get the tube. Then Go to the right all the way and click the car and then get the gasoline and then combine it with the tube and then click the part where you put gas in and then get the gas and click the gasoline to put it back in your inventory. Then go all the way over where you find the tube and go through the door and get the scissors of the table to the right. Then go to the door in front of you and get the gasoline out of your inventory and pour it on the rope. Then get the lighter and put it on the rope to burn the rope.Like it alot and i will give u the code to the generator and more
LV 1LuvYah(5 years ago)
then do the same thing in the same order and use the brown chalk this time . talk to the ghost . you will apear down go back up and go to the third room again and get the camera . go back to the hall , go to the batroom and switch the light . use the camera on the wall and you will see a green door enter it . you will apear in a cellar . go down and use the flashlight . on the right side you will find a switch use it to open the lights . go to the door in front of you and enter it . you will see the profesor and he will call him demon guard . to defeat him you must find some small pieces of paper all over the room and then use the magic words to kill him .THE END
LV 10Smoker(8 years ago)
press the tab button for help >.<
LV 3memphis(6 years ago)
cool ..
LV 1(8 years ago)
its new and nice game
LV 1(8 years ago)
its new and nice game how too play
LV 1(8 years ago)
Hahahahaha This is a good game. I'll add it to my faveorites in a moment.
LV 4MadHatter(8 years ago)
this is fun
LV 1(8 years ago)