Satanorium is an horror point and click adventure game developed by Belugerin Studios
Satanorium has been developed by Belugerin Studios
Help Catherine uncover the mysteries behind the Murn Carni Hospital in this great horror point and click game made by the guys from Belugerin Studios.
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Game Reviews

so here is the walkthrough : get the iron pipe (its near the car) and use it on the policeman when he is not watching . get the lighter the flashlight and the keys . go to the door use the keys and get inside . when you get in go left and click on the barrels , and get the tube from there . now go back and go right click on the rusty old jeep and get from there the gas can , go to the inventory an
when the guard walks over to the left (next to the car) he will stand there for a few seconds so when he does go there use the pipe on him to knock him out
Okay So you can skip through all the talking but if you want to read the story can. But First you move over by the police or security guard car. Then you look on the ground and get the hammer. Then you click the security guard and then you would hit him in the head. When hes on the ground get the keys, flashlight , and lighter. Then you go to the door and go in your inventory and get the keys and
then do the same thing in the same order and use the brown chalk this time . talk to the ghost . you will apear down go back up and go to the third room again and get the camera . go back to the hall , go to the batroom and switch the light . use the camera on the wall and you will see a green door enter it . you will apear in a cellar . go down and use the flashlight . on the right side you will
press the tab button for help >.<
its new and nice game
its new and nice game how too play
Hahahahaha This is a good game. I'll add it to my faveorites in a moment.
this games was kinda fun, i liked it. very interesting
BadGirl do you know how to open the cabinet???? THe walkthrough doesnt help.
It's alright, not original but has a good story line and good graphics. But what bugs me is how glitchy it is! I hate having to restart. And I hate how the puzzles are near impossible unless you use a walkthrough.
awesome game and thanks smoker!!!
Thank you Smoker.
Good Game not very Scary only 2 ghost Scared me and Satan was that scary ether. Scary Game rating 7-10. Game Rating 9-10. Excellent Game but is hard to figure out. When you get it though its major Fun though still a little scary. I am just happy there is no gour just a little blood.