Q is an black and white point'n'click adventure game with creepy atmosphere developed by DiscoFish
Q has been developed by DiscoFish
Help Q in his quest of finding his heart. The main character has the ability to release his soul from his body. Just click on him.
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Game Reviews

Best Game I Have ever played in my life. Thumbs up if you like it too :))
i thought it was a lovely game such thought they put in this game
in the ending i was like " WTF? o_0, thats it? "
i cant figure out how to play
makes me think of limbo
For those of you bros who want to know how to start the game: The mouse is just hovering on the screen you don't have to click anything just wait for the loading to complete (Bottom right). I know it's confusing why they put the guy there if they didn't want us to interact with him. -Friendly neighborhood gamer
napaka pangit ng ending nakakabwisit..........
easy i love this game
im clikin on him hes doing nothin what i do ب_ب
Omg this game looks completely awesome! It has a really gothic vibe to it, and reminds me of Tim Burton films, as I said. AWESOME!
This game is easy after watching the walkthrough
Yes finally finished it but um yeah i didnt really thank it was that great its to slow u can say and to short
I really liked this game. I love the graphics and kinda how everything flowed...it took me a minute to get used to the way things worked but i really like it!
it's nice game i love it ^^