Monster Basement 1

Monster Basement 1 is an horror point and click developed by Patrick Majewski
Search for hidden clues and items to escape the monsters basement before it returns!

This game has been developed by Patrick Majewski

Game Reviews

The "Handy Man" 's voice made me paraniod
smackxi419 LV 1 (3 years ago)
Scarygames4ever ;)
VampireChick<3 LV 1 (4 years ago)
This game basically tells you what to do when you are trapped in a basement. It comes in handy O_O
Lunacy LV 8 (3 years ago)
the number for the salvation thing is 725828466 awesome game
adipants LV 5 (6 years ago)
da da da da da da da da da da da BATMAN da da da da BATMAN BATMAN Da da da da da da da da da da da da da da BATMAAAAAN DA DA DA DADADA DADADADADA BATMAN DADADADADADAADADADA DA DA BATMAAAAAAN DA
EscapeTheFate LV 8 (6 years ago)
I freaking love this game! This'll probably help in future "stuck-in-basement" situations when I'm stuck on alien planets.. O w O
Daemon_Succubus LV 3 (4 years ago)
i hope this is fun
awesome1223 LV 1 (3 years ago)
where the hell is the key for the 3rd drawer F**k
NinJaHON LV 4 (3 years ago)
where is the key for the cage
pinklady1236 LV 1 (4 years ago)
menoster baement 1 and 2,dark and stormy nighy and stones of amara and house 1 and 2 is the best game here.
veljko LV 1 (4 years ago)
thanks bcutieo9law.. i pass the game =)
troko LV 1 (3 years ago)
Actually the game is good. Its just that people have different tastes in games.
MadHatter LV 4 (5 years ago)
i playe dis wen i was 4 if u find a note saying call salvation go 2 the phone and put 72828466 the handy man note tells u wat 2 call
leoppooww LV 1 (5 years ago)
shutup potatoe head
Shadow123 LV 3 (4 years ago)
its the same as the last one no 2
jade101 LV 2 (7 years ago)
dont look at the farmer picture it changes to a realy scary monster
jade101 LV 2 (7 years ago)
i beat it on a diferent sight
alex LV 3 (7 years ago)
how did u beat the game u lier it was easyer this time i got more iteams
jade101 LV 2 (7 years ago)
lol, when you turn off the lights, the pic of the brother and the sister is kinda funny. Thats what I do to my brother pic. lol XD
selinarocks LV 4 (7 years ago)
Omg, the monster in that cage is so werid! Who the hell does this?
selinarocks LV 4 (7 years ago)
The 2nd game is better, but a little harder.
selinarocks LV 4 (7 years ago)
whay i completed it
beth101 LV 1 (7 years ago)

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