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Game Reviews

Holy shit bro!u cant relight if he is in the room with u :(
LV 4MiDnIgHtPsYcHo(5 years ago)
Love the game, it really is one of those games that makes you jump... which i love it. In this types of games, i love to scare myself and if i feel something is going to pop up, i just look closely on my screen to get ready lol. I really recommend this game if you want to be scared or just have some pop up times.
LV 9THEBIGCHILL(5 years ago)
did anyone have the guts to do the ritual?!?!?!?!
LV 1CCCHAOS01(5 years ago)
wtf. I pressed "F" but the damn candle won't turn on -.- & The zombie guy is annoying.
LV 2Aesthetic(5 years ago)
dont for the life of you camp in the first room bad idea
LV 1xdestroyer655(5 years ago)
crap the rules scared me when it said.if u dont win goodluck tryin to get to sleep tonight
LV 1MinEMAN(5 years ago)
Haha I finally beat the game !! xD :D Now I can get some sleep xD :)
LV 1PurplePandasX(5 years ago)
My friends want to do this during senior lock in at night...still don't know if I want to know XD!!
LV 3TUF4Ever(4 years ago)
beated the game on my first try lol but it was really hard
LV 1ProXgamerX(5 years ago)
Holy Shit made me fall out my chair!!!!
LV 1Blood_Lust42(5 years ago)