Jeff Attack

Jeff Attack is an game based on creepy pasta Jeff the killer developed by Goldkat Games
Jeff Attack has been developed by Goldkat Games
This game is based on true facts. Everything seemed very normal that day with my best friend, Curly. I never imagined that this day would become the major trauma in my life.

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Game Reviews

Jeffs face looks like a derp
Jeff looks like a DERP lol xXx As I was playing I decided I would find all 3 keys, but guess what! DERP face ran into me so I died! Sad times lol xXx
Meh, i would prefer to save dogge...
that was awful. glitchy (couldn't pick up last key)virtually no effort made in graphics (i walked under trees) and a clear rip off of slender. not impressed
Why is this rated E for everyone?
my first thought, yay a jeff the killer game!!! then when I played it, this is horrid.
Why is the character I'M playing as have a Luigi hat? XD
the laughs are hella funny
Very p99rly made, t9n3 9f glitches. I did jump h9wever when I picked up a key...that 3hit wa3 l9ud a3 f**k br9~
Okay. I didn't get to play this because my game didn't load. *Sigh Anybody else suffering from this same problem?
Me and my friend laughed so much "reload the page to replay"! Like you couldn't even be bothered for a retry button??
this game is boring and not horror
it glitches soooooo much