Infantata is an creepy retro top down game developed by Placeable
Infantata has been developed by Placeable
This is the story of a man. A man alone in his dark castle. Even though the castle is dark, the shadows will protect him from that which haunts him the most...his past. Press Z to Use Items/Action and X for Inventory.
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Walkthrough: (1) Pick the letter from Sara. The letter is located in the first room. (2) As you exit the current room, take a right, take the stairs up and move to the top left. As soon as you enter the room head to the top and push the book store to the right. You should find an Old Key. (3) Exit the room and head to the bottom right. Use the Old Key to open the first door. Head to Elizabeth's statue and pick the Silver Key. (4) Exit the room and head to the Books Room (the next door to the right). Push one of the book shelves and move to the right. You should find a Hammer. (5) Exit the Books Room and head to the left, move down the stairs, and continue moving down until you reach the exit door. At this point you got to make a left and enter the room. Here you will find a Nail.(6) Head back to the exit door then make a right. You will find a closed door that can be opened using the Silver Key. Enter the door and head to the top. Here you will find a weak wall. Use the Hammer to destroy the wall. (7) Run for your life :P. Please + me if you like my walkthrough :D
who played pokemon series ? This guy seems like gary (Ash's rival )
*plays game and sees ghost* Me: Meh, better run. *ghost catches me, creepy face appears* Me: *screams like little girl*
Just a quick tip: to escape the ghost you have to hide in the shadows. Running from room to room may help you escape him but not always
has anyone else noticed that the main character sprite looks like Gary Oak's from Pokemon? the game also seems very pokemon'esque
creepie as ****ING ****!!
In order to get pasted the text in the beginning of the game, press, "Z"
hey some1 know the control of this s.et so i can play it?
:'( my computer wouldn't let me get past the first page
darnit the stupid ghost keeps getting me reminded me of ani oni
hw shud i start the game??
those playing games like this were made by japanese or chinese, AWESOME, people in these games are SMALL, CUTEY
What are the controls? >-< Seems like an idiotic question to ask but I've pushed every button..
this game is the best!